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This March 2016, II have been invited by Florence Darlington Tech College, in Florence South Carolina. I had many wonderful exchanges with the students and the faculty there. I gave a talk during their new Arts and Science Festival, and also had the opportunity to share my research a second time at Coker College in Hartsville. For those who are interested, the slides can be downloaded here. ppt

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I am a full time research forest ecologist at the INRA institute, and head of the Functional Ecology and Genomics lab (EGF) in the Biogeco Research Unit.


Sierra de Gador (España)

Water stress

Currently, I'm working on the vulnerability to water stress of tree species: I'm analysing the photosynthetic response to extreme drought comparing several broadleaved species. I'm also characterising the intra-specific variability of photosynthesis in Maritime pine. In 2014, this project was part of the Master project of Maialen Urkiola (Universidad de Vigo) and in 2015, part of the Master project of Justine Laoue.

Invasive trees

I started working on invasive trees several years ago. Invasive trees are perfect model species to analyse rapid evolution and disentangle the genetic and environmental determinisms of phenotypic traits. I also work with a more applied approach to assess invasion risks and help managers. In 2015, we started a project involving the PhD project of Nastasia Merceron working on the evolution and local adaptation of Quercus rubra.

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