INRA University of Bordeaux / UMR Biogeco

Allée Geoffroy St Hilaire, CS 50023, Bât B2, 33615 Pessac cedex, France

Tel: 33 (0)5 40 00 36 64


Annabel J. Porté - Research scientist

In the field


I develop research in forest ecology and tree physiological ecology, involving dendrometry, physiological ecology and quantitative genetics approaches. I largely make use of experimental studies and field monitorings but also of modeling tools as integrating or forecasting tools. My current researches are focusing on the impact of global changes on forest trees:


  • changes in tree species distribution
  • adaptive response to drought
  • invasive trees ecology and management



The model species in my research are Quercus species (Q. robur, Q. ilex, Q. rubra) which are largely studied in the Biogeco research groups, Pinus pinaster which covers more than 800.000 ha in South-West France, invasive trees (Acer negundo, Robinia pseudoacacia, Ailanthus altissima, Q. rubra).





I also take part in the University of Bordeaux projects, as a teacher in ecophysiology and modelling (engineer and master students) and as a contributor and manager of the Biodiversity project which aims at evaluating and managing the natural area over the campus of the University of Bordeaux.




Each year, I supervise students from Licence, Master or PhD degree, mostly in Ecology, sometimes in Statistics. I enjoy scientific collaborations which often results in co-advising student works, in France, Canada, Belgium or Spain (Madrid, Granada).



Feel free to contact me, I consider every spontaneous application!!

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